FREITAG, 28. APRIL 2023 UM 19:30 Escape Wien Venator I Megaton Sword I Bonfire Punks I Zombie Metal Corrosion
FREITAG, 28. APRIL 2023 UM 19:30 Escape WienVenator I Megaton Sword I Bonfire Punks I Zombie Metal Corrosion

We are glad to rock together with MegatonSword, Venator and Bonfire Punks at Escape Metalcorner

Bed Bug Dogs Live Performance

Listen to Solitary on YouTube

Some more music. Listen and join the Zombie Army!

SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! Our first live show in Vienna at REPLUGGED, Lerchenfelder Straße 23, 1070 Wien

Zombie Metal Corrosion from Austria has been founded in 2014. The music is focussing mainly on Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Punk and Rock ´n´Roll but delivers also everything from classic music till death metal.

Song "Alone". Written in 2000, recorded in 2020.

Halloween 2020 with Zombie Metal Corrosion

Our new song  "Bleib daham" (Stay at home) feat. Konny R

First guitar cover of Wednesday 13´s song "Decompose"

Short live recordings of our songs, concert November 2018

Cut together of cover songs - rock party November 2018

"Rock ´n´ Roll Hymn" on YouTube! Have fun!

Guitar Cover of "Fiddlers" from John 5 (the master of guitar!)

ROCK NIGHT - a short version of our Rock and Metal Party, December 2017




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